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Easy ATS
FeeTrader's layout and functionality enable our members to be more organized and make more placements. All job and candidate records are simple to navigate and allow for easy notes storage and tracking.
Easy Applicant Tracking System

The layout of the Jobs Activity page resembles a flow chart as progress moves from left to right!
When you're invited to work on other Recruiters' split jobs or to bid on employer jobs (this happens when they place you on their "Preferred Recruiters" list), these jobs will appear in Job Invites. You can accept a split-job and it will automatically move rightward to your Split-Partner Jobs page. You still need to bid on the employer jobs and if accepted, the job will automatically move rightward to your Employer Jobs page.
Your outbound requests (to work on others' jobs) initiate as Split Requests or Bids and remain in Splits Pending and Bids Pending along the left hand tool bar until accepted. Once your split-request or bid is accepted, the jobs move rightward to their respective files within your Job Activity: either Employer Jobs or Split-Partner Jobs.
From your Employer Jobs and Split-Partner Jobs pages, you can present candidates and store notes which will keep track of all your activity with those jobs like an ATS.
Should a job be filled or otherwise closed by the poster, the job automatically moves rightward to your Closed Jobs file with all your tracking intact. Your My Posted Jobs will remain until you close them at which point they move rightward to Closed Jobs.
Below is the My Resumes page. All candidates that apply to your positions are stored in your account under their respective jobs and in your private "My Resumes" section automatically until you delete them. Simplicity and effectiveness was our objective and the feedback has been that we've accomplished just that!
My Resumes