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Employer Job Reqs (no middleman)
Retain 100% of DRP billings!
FeeTrader allows recruiters to search job openings posted by hiring managers that want outsourced recruiting help. Recruiters are able to use the FeeTrader system to market their services (or a matching candidate summary for even greater effect) directly to the decision maker with a private bid. The hiring manager then selects the recruiters with the most compelling messages.
Member recruiters form direct relationships with the employers under this DRP (Direct Relationship Plan) feature. That means you invoice, collect placement fees and keep 100% on DRP jobs based on terms made between you and the employer. FeeTrader is not a party to the transaction.
Employer Job Reqs

Also, recruiters can confidentially post their hot candidate profiles and employers and recruiters search this candidate database to see with whom they want to work. When an employer (or another recruiter) finds a profile of a hot candidate that you've posted, they can contact you to coordinate a placement. How often do prospective clients contact you? If you post them, they will come!
FeeTrader will be the most cost-effective leads generating tool in your arsenal. If you feel that you will miss making the sales calls, you can continue to do those as well to supplement your sales if you choose. Our process can cut a majority of your marketing efforts to 15 minutes per day so you can focus on delivery.