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The Most Effective Recruiting and Lead Generating Tool

Recruiter Job Bidding Employers Recruiters Candidates Agency Recruiters increase their edge and close more business.
  • Continuous Job Postings (also appear on,, etc.)
  • Integrated Split-Fee Network
  • Active leads to employers seeking agency/independent recruiting assistance
  • Direct access to hiring managers (no middleman)
  • Keep 100% of the fees received from member employers (no brokerage fee)
  • Easy ATS: Streamlined employer, split-partner and candidate activity tracking
  • Continuous and reusable "Premium Job Posts" (appear first in search results): much greater response rate!
  • Deep Web Resume Searcher: "FT Searcher" arranges your keywords into advanced Boolean logic and searches the web (and sites such as LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Video introduction upload! Your video accompanies your profile to employers and recruiters: greatly increases interest!
  • Unlimited candidate profile posts (blinded) to employers and recruiters for fee negotiation
  • Resume Database
Recruiters spend considerably too much time marketing their services when they should be focused on delivery. The amount of wasted time calling disinterested hiring managers and HR managers, and the time these managers waste in fielding these calls translates to a highly inefficient process.
Furthermore, the current system where hiring managers farm out their jobs to only their select handful of recruiters is equally inefficient. While they wait weeks, sometimes months, for these select recruiters to initiate and conduct the search, there are hundreds of recruiters who already have the candidates in hand and could deliver them within hours or days.


FeeTrader allows recruiters to search job openings posted by hiring managers that want outsourced recruiting help. Recruiters are able to use the FeeTrader system to market their services (or even a matching candidate summary for even greater effect) directly to the decision maker with a private bid. The hiring manager then selects to the recruiters with the most compelling messages.
Also, recruiters can confidentially post their hot candidate profiles and employers will be searching those to see with whom they want to work! When an employer (or another recruiter) finds a profile of a hot candidate that you've posted, they can contact you to work with you! How often do prospective clients contact you? If you post them, they will come.
FeeTrader will be the most cost-effective leads generating tool in your arsenal. If you feel that you will miss making the sales calls, you can continue to do those as well to supplement your sales if you choose. Our process can cut a majority of your marketing efforts to 15 minutes per day so you can focus on delivery.
Click for information on our integrated Split-Fee Network.

How Recruiters Increase Placements With FeeTrader

  1. Post all your open jobs to FeeTrader (they will also automatically post to,, etc.). Great coverage and job postings included!
  2. Post, search and partner on unlimited split-fee jobs on FeeTrader.
  3. Bid on employer posted jobs.
  4. Set up to 6 job search agents. This takes only 5 minutes and you'll never need to do it again. You will be the first to know of fee-paid jobs that are posted that meet your sweet spot which will give you the advantage!
  5. Use FT Searcher to deeply scour the web for resumes (tool designs expert search strings)!
  6. Search FeeTrader's database of candidates and other FeeTrader member recruiters' hot candidates.
  7. Confidentially post your hot candidates so other recruiters (and employers) can help you place them.


An exceptional way to increase my business! FeeTrader put me directly in contact with an employer seeking a candidate I already had! The employer got who they're looking for, and I get a quick placement! I've made numerous employer and recruiter relationships by continuously using FeeTrader which has significantly increased my placements and revenues.
Feel free to call me to discuss FeeTrader at 805-773-6264.

Sean Margalit
Recruiting Experts
FeeTrader Rocks. My old company used FeeTrader, which is, IMO, the BEST split platform. I am an affiliate since I love them, but I strongly urge you try them out, as it is VERY inexpensive and they don't take a cut of the action and I LOVE IT! If you have a staff, then your members can split amongst each other much easier also!
Neil Lebovits
Industry Trainer, Consultant & Guru
Thank you so much. After speaking with you, we were able to get a lot of work as a Preferred Recruiter and make some new partnerships with other organizations. Today, we won our first employer contract on FeeTrader from a direct client. We are so happy that we made the right choice in staying. I will gladly serve as a reference if your prospects would like to contact me. Thank you.
Gautam Singh, MBA
Executive Project Recruiters
FeeTrader is an innovative and efficient approach in the recruiting and hiring game! Our company has greatly benefited from both FeeTrader's direct hire and recruitment features.
KC Schammert
Providential Bancorp, Ltd.
I'm an old school recruiter - in the trenches since 1988 - who is far more impressed with the impact and value of the telephone than the computer. Consequently, I signed up for FeeTrader's service with a fair amount of skepticism. This is particularly true because I had had a displeasing experience with CareerBuilder, a big, well-known name in the job board business. For a period of several months I didn't post any of my jobs online. I then received an email from FeeTrader soliciting my business. Their website was well thought out and easy to navigate. I also liked the price for the service...a tiny fraction of what I had been paying for online job postings. I decided to give it a try, hopeful but still skeptical. As with all online job boards, I got (still get) loads of candidates who badly miss the mark. Quite a few however, were worthy, indeed. Within a few months I had made two placements with FeeTrader candidates, confirming that the service is very effective. In addition to those I've placed, I now have many FeeTrader candidates in my database who are solid citizens with real potential of becoming future placements. I've had a few conversations with FeeTrader staffers other than Scott Croasdale, and all have been reliably competent and helpful. Scott, however, is my main man. I've spoken to him many, many times. Here's what I like about the way he does business: If he can't take my call when it comes in, he typically gets back to me within an hour...sometimes two...rarely more than that. He knows his product inside and out, not only offering me ready answers to my questions, but often suggesting different features that I was not making use of. He also asks me how FeeTrader can be improved, and what a breath of fresh air that is. FeeTrader has completely defeated my initial skepticism. If you're in the staffing business, I enthusiastically recommend it to you.
Mark H. Axelrod - President
Benchmark Recruiting Services, Inc.
Teaneck, NJ
I have had great results with FeeTrader. It is a great website/company! I cannot say enough good things about the site and the people who work there.
Jack Burgess
Managing Partner
I love Feetrader. Great for splits. I have more business than I thought possible through this program. Very cost effective, easy to communicate with others. Jobs are real! Also has resume database to search for your posted positions! I highly recommend this website!!
Michael Crouse
Senior VR at SourceRight Solutions
FeeTrader ROCKS! I get far better candidates responding to these ads than anywhere else I post...and I post to over 30 sites. Don't know how you do it but keep it up!
Kelly Peterson
I marketed a nursing executive candidate on and received 4 responses from recruiters asking for more information about my candidate. I was able to find a good match with one of the recruiters and we were able to successfully help the candidate find her next opportunity. Without, I would not have been able to make the connections I needed in such a short amount of time. Thanks FeeTrader!
Rollis Fontenot III
Since I have begun utilizing the services of FeeTrader I have effectively increased my revenue stream by 50%! The networking connections I have made as a result of your service have been even more invaluable!! You have a member for life!
Richard Tellier
Construction Trades Specialist
NES Global
Great service and has been very beneficial!
Bill Lins
PMA Search
My experience with has been great. I only started working from the site about a month ago and in that time, I've been invited to bid on 2 company direct jobs and actually won one of them. It's been a seamless process for finding good job orders to work on and the job order recruiters exercise a high level of professionalism when it comes to following-up on your candidates. I've been working as an independent contract recruiter for 3 years now and I only wish I had found FeeTrader before now. I'm looking forward to making many profitable placements with this site.
Regina Smith, MBA
Back Office Applications
Absolute Staffing, LLC has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of "" and found the site to be most helpful. Being able to post openings and work "Splits" with other Recruiters/Firms has really been an added benefit. We would recommend it to anyone that wants assistance in filling and placing.
Thank you

Madison Kelly
Vice President of Recruiting
Absolute Staffing, LLC.
Thanks for reaching out to me! I've joined FeeTrader and love it!! I am partnered with a few recruiters already.
Warmest Regards!

I've only recently been introduced to Working with one of the NY split recruiters I've focused on an area that I had not tapped recently. Connecting with former candidates and having that extra work has made the day fly by. Always good to branch out a bit and I think this group has some original ideas. So far so good!
Maryleigh Preston-McClure
Sr. Professional Recruiter
CTR group
Excellent source of applicants for manufacturing environments. Most fully qualify for review based on posted positions requirements.
Frank Gregg
GREGG & Associates
I have no problem commenting on your (consciously evolved) split-fee/advertising service. Most tenured and experienced recruiters find that they need to network, to cooperate vs. compete. The ego and competition generally are instilled in green/fresh recruiters; and unfortunately they miss out on thousands of dollars (from networking and split-networks) along with years of mentors hip humble - long term recruiters could and would share with them. Your URL provides a way for us all to communicate regardless of geographic location or our recruiting niches. is evolved as I stated because I feel they see the reality of how the universe and especially recruiting works the best. Your URL enables us recruiters to share jobs and other good information for free or a fair price if we want our open requisitions to be listed ahead of the free ads. By sharing or serving others in life, you will bring abundance to yourself. It is the universal law of attraction; no one escapes this metaphysical law. We all get back what service we do or (do not) share with others; and by paying forward with a free service for us recruiters; you are guaranteeing future referrals, free marketing and overall success.
In gratitude, speaking for the staff of AA Staffing and 9 other partner staffing firms we have partnered with due to your service.

Mark L'Allier
Managing Partner
Absolutely Affordable Staffing
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